If You Want to Fly Higher, You Must Be Lighter

Welcome to, “If you want to fly higher, you must be lighter.”

This is a 4 part, 20 week webinar series that will guide participants through stages of personal transformation, following the outline of “Healing the Sexually Abused Heart: A Workbook for Survivors, Thrivers, and

I hope you’ll experience a thought provoking, supportive, secure, on-line community with which to share these modules and resources designed for survivors’ healing journey.

This course is to help you break a cycle of shame and isolation that can keep us limited, unhappy and confused about our own life experiences. When survivors can process their emotions and revise their interpretations of their past, they can take new actions that will help them become intentional and fully responsible for their present and future well being and happiness. This is not a replacement for individual therapy, however. I suggest that you access other individual support along with this program: mental health professionals; trusted and competent spiritual guides; or established communities of learning and recovery.

There is an expression, “The map is not the territory.” While this is true, in some places where there’s no map or perhaps only an old map, a new map is really important.  This course (i.e., spiritual map) is a synthesis of various bodies of knowledge that range from learning theory, spiritual development, leadership development, applied psychology, and healing and recovery wisdom.  While I recognize that the various participants will have different approaches to learning and processing this material, I recommend the following guidelines for using this course:
1.    Start at the beginning. This may seem obvious or silly, but I say this as someone who has too often rushed to the conclusion or finish line without spending the important time to understand the foundational concepts and processes or internalize them as a result of participating in a learning process.  In other words, I suggest that you take the modules in order. Also, the design is that you start with the intro videos followed by chat, video presentation and chat, workbook activities and chat, next steps and chat.
2.    Work within your limits. Just as it is possible to get hurt by over-asserting physically, it is possible to become overwhelmed or strained emotionally by taking on too much too soon. I suggest you spend time every day for a small amount of time.  If you cannot work every day, work every other day.  The reconstructive process and critical thinking development process require time to integrate and transform past limited or mis-information into new, applied learning that can be useful here and now. This is where the chat component of the course is so important. Give yourself the time and experience to process the material and interact with others.
3.    Bring your questions and experiences to the material.  Ask how it might be useful or true, especially when it does not immediately seem useful with respect to your experience.  However, do not rush to judgment or conclusion, as you are embarking upon a deep learning process which may challenge ways of thinking that have become familiar. Allow yourself to accept your learning process as part of your healing process, you will find answers to the question of how the material might be useful for true for you. I will respond to the group discussions and offer observations and some feedback, so what you think and are questioning is important.
4.    Give yourself same patience, encouragement, and respect as you would give to another person who is doing something difficult the first time, whether it be a child learning to ride a bike or to read, a runner training for a marathon, or a colleague finishing a degree in advanced studies. You are embarking on a profoundly significant healing and transformation process.
Each module can take approximately a week.  There are five modules in each section: victims, survivors, survivor-thrivers, and thrivers.  Again, please give yourself the gift of time and attention to each module and contribute to the discussions related to each of the four parts of each module: introductory videos; video presentation on the module theme; workbook exercises; and next steps. To access the discussions following each section, click on the tool bar on the left: the four discussion topics and links will appear. To get back to the main page, click on the tool bar on the left. You will need to participate to some degree in the four discussions in order to move on to another module.

Paulo Freire, one of the greatest educational leaders of the past century, said, ‘to read is to co-author the text.’ Your voice and thinking process is essential for your own and others’ growth and healing. I will also be a discussant throughout the course. Together we will co-create a community of transformation.

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