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An Introduction to Fly Higher (Part 1)

Welcome: An Introductory Video from Dr. Jaime Romo

Healing The Sexually Abused Heart

“In eloquent, understandable prose, Dr. Romo offers a helping hand to the millions impacted by the sin of child sexual abuse.”

-Victor Veith – Executive Director of the National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children

At least 39 million people in the United States have experienced sexual abuse in some form. Sadly, most victims live among us with near-invisibility. Healing the Sexually Abused Heart: A Workbook for Survivors, Thrivers, and Supporters is a step forward for victims of sexual abuse, their support groups, and others impacted by abuse and neglect.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, this workbook is your key to a new life. Written by survivors themselves, it offers you insight and resources that can lead to your recovery and healing. If you seek to support the life-long journey of survivors, you will find here the foundation to truly make a difference. What are the stages of recovery? What can you do to reach these stages? What can you do to help others?

Therapists, survivors, those who feel betrayed by religious authorities, victims of abuse, and spiritual guides will find answers and much more in this workbook. Anyone who wishes to help end sexual abuse will benefit from this book.

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