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Heal Your Heart With Our New Online Program Launching May 1st 2012

‘If You Want to Fly Higher, You Must Be Lighter’ – our flagship 20 module online program is launching on May 1st 2012.

Parents Preventing Abuse

Child sexual abuse and child pornography, as well as child abductions, are rampant in the United States— more than any other country . 10% of sexual abuse of children relates to what we know as ‘stranger danger.’ The statistics are frightening. 60% of those who sexually abuse children are known to the family; 30% (some believe this is a low estimate) of those who abuse children are family members. This book deals with the 70% of abusers who are either strangers or people known to family and how we can improve our skills in detecting them and in empowering our children to avoid abuse while promoting healing of those impacted by it. “Parents Preventing Abuse” will instruct and guide parents to mitigate the conditions that allow child sexual abuse and prevent abuse of their children. The book examines the context of the problem (myths and assumptions), sexual abuse prevention (parental example, interaction with children and vigilance about outside settings), intervention and resources.

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Teachers Preventing Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) within school environments exists, and it is incumbent upon all in the educational community to acknowledge this and to become proactive in its prevention. Assisting in this goal is the purpose of this book. It is an appropriate resource for K-12 school and district administrators, teachers and counselors who are interested in creating effective, safe, and inclusive learning environments that actively prevent and respond effectively to CSA. Readers will examine hidden dynamics of K-12 sexual abuse and inappropriate boundaries so that stakeholders can see and solve systemic problems, beyond individual or technical solutions, to create healthy, safe learning environments. As a result, readers may become proactive, effective advocates for healthy school environments.

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